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The following document contains all the rules concerning player behavior on the WoA Server (“Server”). The purpose of these rules is to ensure a friendly, welcoming and engaging play experience for all participants on the Server or the WoA Discord, forums or other applicable communication platforms (“Platforms”). By participating on the Server or any of the platforms, you agree to abide by these rules, the enforcement of which is ensured by Server and Platform staff. No exceptions will be provided to any player under any circumstances.

The main goal of these rules is to identify, penalize and minimize disruptive and malicious player behavior that ruins the experience for other players. The more players come to play on the Server and keep playing, the more fun will be shared by everyone.

These rules are designed to be fair and just but strict. They are made that way on purpose, seeing how rule-breakers force every other players to also break the rules to get on even footing.

If you feel that someone has broken any of these rules, please report that player through any communication option on Server or Platforms, such as in-game chat or forums. Supply any evidence, such as screenshots, chat logs or video recordings.

Read these rules in full before participating on the Server or Platforms and you will avoid unpleasant consequences of having your stay cut short. Ignorance of these rules is no defense.

In short, these rules can be summed up as follows:


All players have the right to be treated with decency, friendliness and respect, whether you personally like them or not. Even the rule-breakers have the same right and we, the owners and operators of WoA Server and Platforms, will show them respect beyond what they deserve but that does not exclude penalizing or banning them.

The goal of the Server and Platforms is to create a safe, fun environment where players can interact and engage with one another without having negative experiences. Even if players decide they don’t want to keep interacting, they should be able to do so with minimal disruption to others, mingling at their own discretion and leisure.

We hereby invite all players to compete and/or cooperate in a constructive, friendly environment without disrespecting or abusing others. As long as you do so, you are welcome to stay on the Server and Platforms for as long as you like.

Some actionable behavior that falls under this section is:

• Discrimination based on gender, skin color or other attributes (height, age, nationality, religion etc.)

• Constant foul language (swearing in particular)

• Baiting or inciting players into pointless arguments (trolling)

• Insulting players

• Inciting hatred or violence against the players, the Server or Platforms staff

• Sharing personal information of other players (doxxing)

• Media advertising (posting links to draw players to other platforms, such as Youtube)

• Spamming (repeated posting of the same message)

• Bypassing the chat filter

• Inciting self-harm, suicide attempts and other negative experiences

• Advertising giveaways


Cheats and exploits are not the same. Cheats involve using a third-party tool to gain an unfair advantage, such as using aimbots for perfect accuracy, wallhacks to see through walls and maphacks to have the map revealed. Exploits involve discovering a flaw in the game or the Server to pester or ruin the gaming experience of others.

Both cheats and exploits have an equally detrimental effect on the Server and Platforms, that being the creation of an unreliable, chaotic environment where the cheater or exploiter has an advantage.

However, it is possible for an innocent player to accidentally discover an exploit, such as being able to duplicate items on accident. If you encounter such an exploit, do not use it or you will be actioned against as if though you had malicious intent. Why? Because by using it you help it spread and encourage others to do it as well.

Using any flaw in the Server, Platforms or Minecraft itself to gain an unfair advantage falls under this section and is strictly forbidden.

Some examples of cheating are:

• Autoclick scripts (tools that do the clicks for you)

• Macros (tools that do any sequence of actions for you)

• Cross-teaming in solo matches

• Forbidden mods

• Stats boosting

Keep in mind that not all modifications to the game are disallowed. For example, using a cosmetic mod that changes a player’s appearance is allowed but using a cosmetic mod that makes the game lag for everyone else or crashes the game client counts as an exploit. Mods that give additional information that would otherwise be available through the game are also OK but those that supply you with an unfair advantage are not.

Some examples of allowed mods are:

• Client performance tweaking mods (FPS and network enhancement mods)

• Shaders and other aesthetic tweaking mods

• Effect Status and Armor HUD tweaking mods

• Gamma and brightness tweaking mods

All mods are used at your own risk.


Creativity is an important part of the personality and creative expression helps a person mature. However, creative expression also need limits. The preceding two sections dealt with creating a safe and reliable environment where all players can explore their creativity and this section deals with outlining the limits of creative expression through what’s known as “artistic license”.

Artistic license means that each player on the Server or Platforms has a certain freedom to do with the provided tools and materials as he or she sees fit, as long as that freedom isn’t abused to ruin the experience or infringe on the creative license of other players.

One example of an area where players have an artistic license is in naming their characters. A character name can be any combination of eligible numbers, letters and special signs, such as hyphens. However, a character name that is meant to bypass the profanity filter by the creative use of eligible numbers, letters and special signs is not allowed on the Server or Platforms.

If your username is found to be disallowed, the Server will automatically forbid you from logging in. If that happens, simply change your username to something appropriate or contact the Server support for more information and guidance.

Creativity can produce unpleasant and distorted feelings as well, and those are valid results of artistic expression, but they do not belong on the Server or Platforms. In this way, the play environment is built to minimize distress and discomfort experienced by players, especially younger ones.

Therefore, an additional consideration under this section is whether the creative act is done to foment distress and discomfort among other players. A mild nuisance that is visible to all is a much more egregious violation than a severe breach of the artistic license that is kept hidden from view.

In other words, if you do intend to produce uncomfortable and distressing works of art on the Server, keep them hidden out of the view of the public. If someone does wish to see those works, that someone should do so willingly and of their own initiative.

Some examples of the breach of artistic license are:

• Offensive building shapes (creating swastikas, drawing genitals or spelling words)

• Offensive drawings (swastikas, genitals, swear words)

• Offensive item names (slurs or sexual innuendo)

• Offensive pet names (slurs, innuendo)

• Offensive housing plot shapes

• Offensive sign messages

• Offensive skins and capes

• Offensive usernames and guild names

This list does not mean the Server is intended to be a boring, sterile environment where nothing of interest is ever said. On the contrary, we encourage players to make use of everything at their disposal and let their imagination run wild.

In contrast to the above, some allowed and encouraged uses of artistic license are:

• Creating and sharing new memes

• Creating in-jokes and running gags for all ages

• Quirky and fun drawings, shapes, names and messages

These proper uses of the artistic license make the Server more entertaining and invite players to join and stay, enhancing the play experience for everyone.


As soon as you access the internet, you’re in danger of being hacked and spied on. This includes having your personal information revealed to unknown parties on an ongoing basis or having your user account, game client or hardware hijacked. However, you don’t have to panic but do these simple, easy steps to protect yourself and your account from harm.

The Server and Platforms staff can only do so much to protect the players. To minimize dangers to yourself and others, maintain your personal safety and the safety of your account.

This means that you should not:

• Share your account password with anyone

• Share your personal information (age, location, school you go to etc.)

• Offer to sell or buy accounts

• Offer to sell or buy tools, hacks or mods

• Use a weak password (1234, qwer, password, IAMGOD etc.)

• Phish or scam

• Impersonate the Server or Platforms staff

If you share your account password with anyone, even if it’s your brother, he can breach any other rule, which will get your account banned through no fault of your own. If we suspect that someone other than you accessed your account, we will temporarily suspend your access to the Server and notify you with an “Account Security Alert”.

When that happens, you will be able to appeal the suspension and have the chance to explain the problem.

If you share your personal information, that can be used to harass or bully you in person by someone with a vendetta against you.

If you offer to buy or sell accounts, tools, hacks or mods, you are exposing yourself and others to fraud. We recommend against any such trades, but if you still wish to do them, make sure they’re outside the Server and Platforms.

If you use a weak password, you risk a random person figuring it out and getting access to your account. Again, anything that happens on your account is your responsibility, so choose a strong password.


A strong password primarily relies on length and a hard-to-guess combination of numbers, letters and special signs. The longer the password, the stronger it is, so choose something you can easily remember and type but not a password that has easily guessable character strings, such as “qwertyuiop” or other such.

If another player asks you for personal information, it does not meant he or she has bad intentions; some people are too friendly without realizing that it can become intrusive. The best courses of action are to: a) change the subject, b) lie in a believable way or c) simply respond with “I don’t feel comfortable revealing that” and move on with playing.

There is no need to report an older player that asked you for your age unless you can provide conclusive evidence of bad intentions.

Remember that the Server and Platforms staff will never ask you for your account or personal information.

The above rule summary should be self-explanatory; in case it’s not, a detailed explanation of each bullet point follows.